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CCNA Practice Exam:

EIGRP Fundamentals

Chris Bryant, CCIE #12933

Take your time and don't peek at the answers - they're at the bottom of the page.

Let's get started!


1. Identify the true statements regarding EIGRP adjacencies.

A. EIGRP hub-and-spoke requires the neighbor command on the hub

B. Potential neighbors must agree on metric weights

C. Potential neighbors must agree on AS number and area number

D. EIGRP adjacencies are a dynamically renewed process


2. You'll find EIGRP successor routes in which of the following tables?

A. neighbor

B. route

C. adjacency

D. topology

E. database

F. successor


3. When an EIGRP route is loop-free, which of the following will be true?

A. AD will be larger than FD

B. FD will be larger than AD

C. AD and FD will be exactly the same

D. The AD and FD values do not have anything to do with a route being considered loop-free.


4. Which of the following are true of EIGRP?

A. Wildcard masks must be used in the network command

C. Autosummarization is disabled by default

D. Supports VLSM by default

E. Calculates backup routes before they're actually needed

F. EIGRP is Cisco-proprietary


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And now -- the answers!

1. (B, D). EIGRP potential neighbors must agree on the metrics weights, and these adjacencies are dynamically renewed via the Hello packets.

A is false -- that's OSPF, not EIGRP.

C is false -- EIGRP does not use area numbers.


2. (B, D). The successor routes are found in two tables - the route and topology tables.


3. (B). If the FD is larger than the AD, the route is considered loop-free.

If the AD is larger than the FD, that's a sign a routing loop exists.


4. (C, E). EIGRP supports VLSM, calculates backup routes before they're needed (the feasible successors).

As of 2014, EIGRP is no longer Cisco-proprietary.

Thanks for taking today's test and for making TBA part of your CCNA success story!


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