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CCNA and CCENT Practice Exam:

Hex, Binary, and Decimal Conversions

Chris Bryant, CCIE #12933

The real key to mastering any conversion involving hex, binary, and decimals is getting plenty of practice before the exam. That way, there's no hesitation on exam day!

Let's get to the questions!


1. Convert the hex value A7 to binary.


2. Convert the binary string 00110011 to decimal.


3. Convert the decimal 47 to hex.


4. Convert the hex value 101 to decimal.


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And now.. the answers!

1. The hex value A7 indicates 10 units of 16 and 7 units of 1, which gives us a decimal of 167. In turn, that binary string is 10100111.


2. The binary string 00110011 has the 32, 16, 2, and 1 bits set -- add 'em up and you have the decimal 51.


3. The decimal 47 contains 2 units of 16 and 15 units of 1, and in hex that's 2F (F= 15).


4. The hex value 101 represents 1 unit of 256, 0 units of 16, and 1 unit of 1 = the decimal 257.

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