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Flash Cards Are THE Way To Learn AND Retain Knowledge.

Flash cards are scientifically proven to be the most powerful method of learning a new skill — and just as importantly, retaining that knowledge so you can apply that skill.

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The only problem with flash cards?  The old-fashioned paper cards are a pain in the butt.   They take a LONG time to make, and let’s face it, it’s not always practical to carry hundreds of cards around with you.

Using paper cards makes it hard to study on the go, and in today’s world, we’re always on the go.

That’s why I created these CCNA 200-301 Flash Cards for you.   You save hours (and hours!) of time since I’ve already written them for you, and since they’re online, you can study anytime and anywhere.   Just log in and you’re studying for CCNA exam success in just seconds.

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A great way to use these cards is to review one subject at a time while you study, and when you’re ready to review for exam success, use the “Entire Pool” option to give yourself a CCNA practice exam — one that’s likely to be harder than the real thing, because flash card questions don’t come with multiple choices!

There are over 50 categories of flash cards, all yours  immediately when you sign up.

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Flash Card Question In Browser

When you’re ready to see the answer, just click “Reveal Answer” at the bottom of the question and the answer appears immediately below the question.

Flash Card With Answer

When you’re ready for the next card, just click the “Next Question” link under the current question.   It’s that simple — and that powerful.

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