CCNP ROUTE 300-101 and TSHOOT 300-135 Tutorials

Whether you’re working on your CCNP ROUTE 300-101 or TSHOOT 300-135 success, these free tutorials and labs will really come in handy.

The EIGRP Fundamentals tutorial series is complete and linked below.

A massive route redistribution tutorial series began August 1, and I’ll post a new tutorial in that series every day until it’s completed.


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Chris Bryant's CCNP ROUTE Study Guide



Route Redistribution For The CCNP ROUTE And TSHOOT Exams:

Tutorial 1:  Route Redistribution With Only One Protocol

Tutorial 2:  RIP Redistribution And The Seed Metric

Tutorial 3:   Redistribution And Administrative Distance

Tutorial 4:  The distance And distance ospf Commands

Tutorial 5:  Redistributing RIP Into EIGRP

Tutorial 6:  Distribute-Lists and Route Redistribution

Tutorial 7:  Filtering EIGRP with Distribute-Lists

Tutorial 8:  EIGRP And Multiple Distribute-Lists

Tutorial 9:  Controlling Redistribution with Route-Maps

Tutorial 10:  Route Redistribution and Tagging

EIGRP Tutorials For The CCNP ROUTE And TSHOOT Exams:

EIGRP Fundamentals

EIGRP Successors And Tables

EIGRP Adjacencies (Creating and Troubleshooting)

EIGRP Split Horizon

EIGRP Equal-Cost Load Balancing

EIGRP Unequal-Cost Load Balancing

DUAL Queries Explained

More EIGRP Lab Work:

EIGRP Lab #1:  Lab Fundamentals and Split Horizon Problems

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