Free CCNA / CCENT Video Course: OSPF Mastery

OSPF is one of the toughest subjects on the CCENT and CCNA 200-125 exam, and to help you master this tough topic, I’ve created a totally free CCNA OSPF Video Training Course for you!

Free CCNA 200-125 Course On OSPF


This ad-free course covers all of the following:

  • The fundamentals of link state protocols
  • Creating, troubleshooting, and debugging OSPF adjacencies
  • Changing, troubleshooting, and debugging OSPF hello and dead timers
  • Configuring an OSPF NBMA network
  • Creating an OSPF broadcast network
  • Working with OSPF point-to-point networks (including a classic gotcha you need to know before you take the CCNA exam)

I’ll also add videos from my CCNA 200-125 Video Training channel on YouTube, so you’ll be ready for OSPF success in the exam room and when you’re working with real-life networks.

If you like this course, check out my 27-hour CCNA 200-125 Video Boot Camp!   Right now, click that link and let’s get started on your OSPF success!

Chris B.