Chris Bryant’s CCNA, CCENT, CCNP, And Security Study Guides

My CCNA and CCNP Study Guides on Amazon are packed with demos specifically designed to help you pass your Cisco certification exams…

… and we donate 5 meals to the Central Virginia FoodBank for every hard copy sold on Amazon, so you’re feeding your mind and feeding the hungry at the same time!


My CCNP SWITCH 300-115 Study Guide is now available in hard copy as well as the Kindle format!  You get the ebook version FREE when you purchase the hard copy on Amazon via that link!

If you want only the ebook version, it’s just $9.99!

It’s the highest-rated CCNP SWITCH Study Guide on Amazon as of July 31, 2016 (4.8 / 5 stars).



Chris Bryant's CCNP ROUTE Study Guide

The CCNP ROUTE exam is really the hardest of the three exams — be sure you’re ready for success with my CCNP ROUTE 300-101 Study Guide!

You get the ebook version FREE when you purchase the hard copy on Amazon via this link.   The ebook version is also sold separately for only $9.99.

As of July 31, 2016, it’s the highest-rated CCNP ROUTE Study Guide on Amazon (4.8 / 5 stars)!



My CCNA 200-120 Study Guide is broken up into two Kindle volumes.   Info on my upcoming CCNA 200-125 releases can be found below as well.

Chris Bryant's CCNA Study Guide, Vol. 1

Chris Bryant’s CCNA Study Guide, Vol. 1

If you’re working on your CCENT, this is the guide for you.   From networking fundamentals and Ethernet all the way through IP Version 6, you’ll be ready for success on your exam.   Plenty of work with binary and subnetting, too!

Only $4.99, and you don’t need a Kindle to read it – use the Kindle App or the free Kindle Cloud Reader!



Chris Bryant's CCNA Study Guide, Vol. 2


Chris Bryant’s CCNA Study Guide, Vol. 2

Packed with hundreds of illustrations and clearly-explained Cisco router and switch configs, you’ll master exam topics from the Spanning Tree Protocol through complex OSPF and EIGRP configs.

Just $4.99, and you don’t need a Kindle to read this one, either!



CCNA 200-125 Book Release Schedule:

My CCNA 200-125 Study Guide will be out in October, and I’ll have a CCNA 200-125 Command Reference along with a full GNS3 CCNA Lab Workbook in November — which isn’t really very far away!

Before we take a look at the other upcoming releases, be sure to check out my Binary Math and Subnetting Mastery ebook on Amazon — it’s the best 99 cents you’ll ever spend!

Two more new releases are on the way!   My new CCNA Security 210-260 Study Guide will be out this fall, as will my new CCNP TSHOOT Study Guide.   It’s a busy time here at TBA, all thanks to you!

As for my 2017 releases — we’ll talk about that later, I promise.  Right now, click those links and let’s get started on your exam success together , and thanks for making The Bryant Advantage part of your computer certification exam success!

Chris Bryant

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