Chris Bryant’s Binary And Subnetting Mastery Workbook

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The #1 obstacle for you on the CCENT, CCNA, CCNP, and various other Cisco and CompTIA certification exams:  Questions on binary math and subnetting.

The #1 solution:  My Binary, Subnetting, and Summarization Mastery guide – available only on Amazon!     I’ll show you how to subnet quickly and accurately, and how to troubleshoot someone else’s subnetting – both valuable skills to have on your Cisco and CompTIA certification exams.

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Chris Bryant's Binary and Subnetting Mastery

Best-Selling Computer Networking Guide

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“This is simply the most easy to follow subnetting material I have read. If you’re struggling with subnetting or binary math, get this ebook and be confused no more. Chris is excellent in his ways of teaching the material.”

“I literally had a mental block with the topic of Subnetting. I used Chris Bryant’s method, which goes back to the basics and what really matters of this subject. No tricks, no short-cuts! just the facts.  Chris is simply a blessing!”

“I tried a few techniques from other sources but found Chris’ instructions much easier to follow and comprehend. Excellent job!”

You don’t need tricks.  You don’t need charts.  What you do need is clear, comprehensive instruction and plenty of practice.   This book contains over 200 practice questions, and the answers to every single questions are clearly illustrated.

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Chris Bryant’s Binary, Subnetting, and Summarization Mastery

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