CCNA 200-301 Practice Exam: Timers And Other Numbers

Today’s CCNA 200-301 practice exam will test your knowledge of the seemingly endless timers and other numbers we need to be aware of to pass the exam and be ready for real-world networking situations.  Let’s get started!

All questions have one correct answer unless otherwise stated.

Question 1:  

Which of these STP timers is set to 15 seconds by default?   

A.  Forward Delay

B.  Max Age

C.  Hello Time

D.  Dead Time

E.   All of them

F.   None of them


Question 2:

What is the default hello time for OSPF on the segment type shown here?

OSPF Network Two Routers And One Switch

A.    30 seconds

B.    10 seconds

C.    60 seconds

D.    120 seconds

E.    This OSPF network type does not use hello timers.


Question 3:

A Cisco router receives a route to /24 via OSPF and EIGRP.    Which one of these actions will the router take as it pertains to the IP routing table?

A.  The OSPF route will be preferred over the EIGRP route, so the OSPF route will be put into the IP routing table.

B.   The router will put both routes into its routing table and load balance over the two paths.

C.   The EIGRP route will be preferred over the OSPF route, so the EIGRP route will be placed into the IP routing table.

D.  Since this is a private address range, the route will not be placed into the routing table.


Question 4:

Identify all the true statements regarding OSPFv3.

A.  It runs on IP version 4.

B.  Hellos are multicast to FF02::5.

C.  OSPFv3 does not use multicasts.

D.  It runs on IP version 6.

E.  Hellos are multicast to


Question 5:  

Identify the two standard ACL ranges.

A.  1 – 999

B.  1 – 99

C.  2000 – 2699

D.  1100 – 1199

E.  200- 299

F.   700 – 799

G.  1300 – 1999

H.   1300 – 2099

The answers right after this brief commercial message!

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And now.. the answers!

Answer 1:  A — Forward Delay.   The STP Hello Timer is set to 2 seconds and the Max Age Timer is 20 seconds, as verified by this screen shot from the show spanning vlan command.

Show Spanning Vlan 1 Command

Answer 2:  B — 10 seconds.  This is an OSPF broadcast network, and the default hello time for that segment type is 10 seconds.   That’s verified by this partial output of show ip ospf interface gig 0/0 on R1.

show ip ospf interface Command Output

Answer 3:  C — The EIGRP route is preferred over the matching OSPF route due to its lower administrative distance.  EIGRP = 90 , OSPF = 110.

Answer 4:   B and D — OSPFv3 is OSPF for IP Version  6.  OSPFv3 uses the multicast destination address FF02::5.

Answer 5:  B and G  — The standard ACL ranges on Cisco routers are 1-99 and 1300-1999.  Here’s a list of all ACL ranges displayed by IOS Help:

Cisco ACL Ranges

Thanks for taking today’s CCNA practice exam!   Follow that link to more exams, and I’ll see you tomorrow with a brand-new test!

Chris B.