CCNA And CCENT Practice Exam 2: Protocols and Port Numbers

Today’s CCNA and CCENT Practice Exam IS a drill — a port number drill, that is!   (This is good stuff to know for you Network+ candidates as well.)

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Let’s get right to today’s questions.   Answers follow the questions (makes sense!), along with links to additional practice exams on the site.

Question 1:

What port does Syslog use?

A.  UDP 100

B.  UDP 514

C.  UDP 67

D.  TCP 89

E.   TCP 100

F.   TCP 514


Question 2:

What is the DHCP Server port?

A.    TCP 68

B.   UDP 68

C.   TCP  23

D.   TCP 24

E.   UDP 99

F.   UDP  67


Question 3:

FTP uses port TCP 21 for what particular purpose?

A.   Data transfer

B.   One-way authentication

C.   Building a control channel

D.    Two-way authentication

E.    Encryption

F.    Remote device identification


Question 4:

Which of the following two ports are associated with the Domain Name System?

A.  TCP 443

B.  UDP 443

C.   TCP 53

D.   UDP 53

E.   TCP 20

F.   TCP 21

G.  UDP 20

H.  UDP 21


Question 5:

What protocol uses port TCP 110?



C.    SSH

D.   Telnet

E.   POP3

F.    None of the above.

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And now… the answers!

Answer 1:  “B”.   Syslog uses port UDP 514.

Answer 2:   “F”.    The DHCP Server port is UDP 67; the DHCP Client port is UDP 68.   Keep ’em straight!

Answer 3:  “C”.   The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) uses port TCP 21 to build a control channel.

Answer 4:  “C” and “D”.   DNS uses both TCP and UDP 53.

Answer 5:   The Post Office Protocol 3 (POP3) uses TCP 110.

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