CCNA 200-301 Quick Quiz (Text And Video): SSH Configurations

Welcome to a new series of CCNA Quick Quizzes!    Every day, I’ll post a new one-question quiz in both video and text format.   Here’s the video for today’s question, straight from my YouTube CCNA Channel:

And if you prefer text, let’s get right to today’s question!

Which of the following commands will you NOT use in a successful SSH deployment that uses a Cisco router as the SSH client and a Cisco switch as the SSH server?

A.  hostname

B.  login (on the VTY lines)

C.  ip domain-name

D.  crypto key generate rsa

The answer — along with an important tidbit about the three commands you will use in an SSH configuration — right after this quick reminder!

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Now for that answer!   The correct answer is “B”.  You can’t use the login command on the VTY lines in an SSH configuration on a Cisco router or switch, because SSH doesn’t allow the “one-size-fits-all” password that looks like this:

line vty 0 4

     password CCNA


Instead, you’ll need to set up an external authentication device OR create a local username/password database on the SSH Server.    To use that database for authentication, you’ll need the login local command on the VTY lines.

Now, as for the commands you will use — hostname, ip domain-name, and  crypto key generate rsa.  You’ll need to run the hostname and ip domain-name commands first, because crypto key generate rsa uses the info you enter with those commands.  If you try to create the crypto key without a hostname or domain name, the attempt will fail.

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