CCNP SWITCH 300-115 Practice Exam: HSRP

Knowing the ins and outs of the Hot Standby Routing Protocol comes in handy when dealing with real-world networks, not to mention that it’ll be all over your CCNP SWITCH 300-115 exam.     To help you master this protocol for the real world and for the exam, here’s a practice exam on running HSRP on Cisco routers.

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Q1.  Five routers are competing for the role of Active Router in an HSRP router group.   They all have the exact same HSRP priority.  At the end of the election, how many of them will assume the role of Active Router?

A.  All of them.

B.  Only one of them (the one with the lowest MAC address).

C.  Only one (the one with the highest IP address).

D.  None of them  — the tie must be manually broken by the network admin.


Q2.   Given the information below, what will the IP address of HSRP group 10’s  virtual router be?

R1:   IP, MAC aa-aa-aa-11-22-33

R2:  IP, MAC bb-bb-bb-33-44-55

R3:  IP, MAC cc-cc-cc-aa-11-11





D.  There isn’t enough information given to answer the question.


Q3.  Given that same information, what will the MAC address of the HSRP virtual router be, assuming the router is running HSRP version 1?

A.  aa-aa-aa-11-22-33

B.  bb-bb-bb-33-44-55

C.  cc-cc-cc-aa-11-11

D.  A MAC address not specifically named in these choices.

E.  Again, not enough information to answer the question.


Q4:  Short anwer:  What is a Cisco router’s default HSRP priority?


Q5:   R1 has an HSRP priority of 200 in HSRP group 11.  Another router, R3, joins the group and has an HSRP priority of 50.  Which of the following statements best describes what will happen to the role of Active Router?

A.   R3 will take over as Active, no additional config needed.

B.  R3 will become the Active Router if the preempt command is configured on R1.

C.  R3 needs the preempt command configure locally (rather than on R1) to become the Active Router.

D.  R1 will remain the Active Router.

The answers are below this brief and important message!

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And now.. the answers!

A1.  “C”.   The Cisco router with the highest IP address will become the HSRP Active Router, and the others will all assume the role of standby.

A2.   “D”.  The IP address of the HSRP virtual router is manually assigned with the standby ip command.   That virtual router will not automatically assume an IP address.

A3.  “D”.  On the other hand, the HSRP virtual router will assign itself a MAC address — just not one already in use by a physical router in the HSRP group. In HSRP version 1, the virtual router’s MAC will be 0000.0c07.ACxx, with “xx” representing the HSRP group number in hex.

A4.   The HSRP default priority is 100.

A5.   “D”.  R3 cannot take over as the Active Router as long as R1 is around and R1 has a higher priority, preempt or no preempt.

Thanks for tackling this CCNP SWITCH and TSHOOT practice exam, and thank you for making my CCNP SWITCH Study Guide such a success on Amazon!    — Chris B.

Chris Bryant's CCNP SWITCH Study Guide